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Rumor has it Madonna will be announced as a Special Guest at “Made in America”

A reliable source has let me in on a MAJOR scoop that’s almost hard to believe.   Rumors are flying that the one and only MADONNA will be a surprise performer at Jay-Z’s “Made in America” Concert Labor Day Weekend on the Parkway.  

In OFFICIAL news, it has been announced that ‎Drake,  Chris Cornell,  Run DMC have all been added to the line-up.   No mention of Madonna yet, not that I expect that anytime soon as I’m sure negotiations for this will last awhile. 

If you look at her tour schedule she does have September 2nd open and she will be in town August 28th to perform at the Wells Fargo Center.  (maybe that’s when the announcement will be made???)  Who better to close the biggest show the Parkway has ever had, than Madonna!?!   Let the debate begin!

For those who don’t believe me…

  1. She was so late last night she might have been planning on just showing on Sunday. On a different note, this is by far NOT the biggest show the Parkway has ever had, were you at Live 8?

  2. I was at Live 8 actually! I mean big as in hype wise for the city! (Ron Howard, JayZ, Pearl Jam) I cant’t wait!