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Celebrate World Sake Day with Yakitori Boy

sake dayThere seems to be a holiday for everything, and sake is no exception! October 1 marks World Sake Day. In honor of the Japanese rice fermented wine, Yakitori Boy – Philadelphia’s first authentic Izakaya and upscale karaoke lounge – will be hosting its very own Sake Hour event for both sake amateurs and enthusiasts.

For those of you unfamiliar to sake, it’s typically referred to as “rice wine” but is produced by brewing in the same way as beer. It is a clear, low proof, alcoholic beverage that is made from rice, yeast, water, and Koji. Sakes are categorized based on grade, style, and amount of polishing the rice receives, all of which are important factors when picking out a good bottle of sake (not to mention, definitely a task worth taste-testing).

Join Yakitori Boy this Thursday, October 1 to celebrate the deliciously unique Japanese beverage! From 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., guests can indulge in a three hour premium sake open bar with light bites. Within the first hour, patrons will receive a welcome introduction and educational tasting with sake expert Heather Lee. Lee will explain the delicacy’s ingredients and preparation of the selected sakes. Following the tasting, attendees can take advantage of the sake open bar along with Japanese tapas, also known as Japas, to complement the select sake cocktails. Of course, no event is complete at Yakitori Boy without a little bit of karaoke; so make sure you eat, drink, and sing!

Tickets are $46 per person plus tax. Purchase them before they sell out and make sure to check out more Yakitori Boy events and specials to be held this fall!

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