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Career Resources Available to Recent Grads in Philadelphia

The first couple of weeks after graduation can be a weird, kind of Twilight Zone time to experience. The thrill of the last completed school year draws to a close, and with it goes all of the parties, last hang outs, and carefree celebrations of undergraduate life. Without a job lined up, afternoons can give way to grand adventures just as easily as they can empty calendar days. And without a place of employment, finances can quickly drain whatever nominal amount is in your bank account!

Before that first payment must be made on your school loans, you’ll be joining fellow graduates in the job hunt in the greater Philadelphia area. Fortunately, we have a few resources to recommend that will help to ensure you aren’t left to your own vices when the search begins!

GPCCGreater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce: The GPCC is an organization that advocates for Philadelphia’s vibrant business community, and it plays host to a number of distinct programs, including the Young Professionals Network. If you’re serious about learning from and connecting with other industry leaders in the making, here’s where to meet them! Not only does YPN host monthly networking events throughout the region that allow participants to sharpen their networking skills, but members also have the opportunity to gain committee and board experience and expand their contact base in a significant way.

Campus-PhillyCampus Philly: Your favorite resource for internships and discounted/free events for college students can also lend a hand when it comes to the job hunt. This job board is specific to students living in the Philadelphia area – plus, it’s free for users. When you sign up with an account, you’ll also get first word on the Campus Philly career fair that takes place twice each year!

Your Alma Mater: Most every school has a department or office that assists with job placement and the exhibition of other rudimentary interview/employment skills for current students and alumni. For example: Drexel hosts in-person and virtual networking events; Temple has a message board for connecting with other alums; the Community College of Philadelphia provides continued access to resources like the library and computer labs; LaSalle offers regional clubs and programs, including social, volunteer, and networking opportunities; and Rowan invites alums to attend their monthly career and professional development webinar series.

There’s also a good chance your college or university will provide you with access to one-on-one career advice and mentorship, a job board exclusive to your college, and other monetary benefits. Click around your college’s website and see what resources are available to you!

meetupMeetUp Groups: If you haven’t yet browsed the hundreds of social, intellectual, and supportive groups hosted on, you may be overwhelmed by all that you find! Think of this digital resource as an online bulletin board where you can create or sign up for any club or activity that your heart desires. When you’re looking to explore your peer group and meet others with similar interests to yours – whether career-related or otherwise – this is a great platform to help you find them! While you will certainly do well to rub shoulders with proponents of Philly or members of The Philadelphia Business Networking Group, you never know what opportunities could arise from joining that salsa dance class or book club!


What type of jobs are you applying for after school? Do you have any tips to share with recent grads and prospective employees? If so, be sure to share them in the comments!