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Why It’s Important to Host Events for Your Brand

When it comes to self-promotion, there is no marketing tactic more assertive than the planning and execution of a branded event. It’s an all-or-nothing strategy that requires loads of time, effort and finances, where successes and failures are experienced by outsiders and not just your own team or shareholders. Impact is measured through the team’s direct output of resources – and while somewhat risky, branded events are one of the most profitable approaches you can take to grow your company’s image.

Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Want to get people talking about your business? If you’re looking to make a splash locally, throwing a good party or function works like a charm. Add a short and catchy hashtag to your promotional materials and start the conversation. In doing so, you’re inviting all guests to converse about the event on social media platforms. Make sure your event has some component that people are dying to talk about, such as a cool celebrity guest, unique programming or a hot venue. If you’re looking to build digital recognition, go the extra mile to give your guests press materials before, during or after the event.

2. A branded event provides the opportunity to give back to the community and use your influence for good. Teaming up with a startup company or not-for-profit gives your event a true purpose that extends way beyond business endeavors. It fuels the passion and drive that’s required to put on an extraordinary function, and it keeps organizers focused on achieving goals that are both sincere and unrelated to personal gain.

3. Show off your know-how in front of a targeted audience. Whether you’re hosting a panel discussion, marathon run, music concert or gala party, the ability to create and present an event hosted on your brand’s behalf implies that you have full confidence in your business. Its mission, operations and offerings are all put on display as attendees learn more about your brand. This type of presentation gives you the appearance of being an authority within your industry and a leader within in your niche.

4. An event is the best place to form and strengthen relationships. Inviting clients, customers or associates to your function is a chance to share your knowledge and influence with those who are most closely tied to your business, both personally and professionally. Hosting an event encourages you to make introductions and assist in creating meaningful connections. That can go a long way in fortifying your relationships with those operating within your circles.

Having an event with your name attached to it may almost seem self-involved, but it actually has positive effects on all parties involved: from the sponsors and donors to venue management, business clients and partners, to members of the public. Special occasions present the perfect opportunity to provide for your community, educate your market, and form connections among known colleagues and new faces.

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