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Sunday Funday: The Fashion Edition

Philadelphia is filled with fabulous fashion designers! Support them!

I’ve never really considered myself a fashion blogger, but I do have a great appreciation for design and style – and all things Philly. One recent perk of being Philly PR Girl was being invited to take a peek at some local designers’ new looks, which resulted in a super fun Sunday afternoon of trying on clothes and having a faux fashion shoot.

With Nicole Haddad & Lele Tran

Nicole Haddad of Lobo Mau with Lele Tran









Lele Tran is a local fashion designer and owner of US*U.S. boutique in historic Olde City Philadelphia.  Lele’s designs are simple, flattering, and functional, and she specializes in one-of-a-kind custom clothing and accessories.  Outside of being a designer, Lele plays an active part in the local community by teaching at Moore College of Art & Design. She was inspired to invite young Philadelphia designers to showcase their locally manufactured designs in her boutique, which conserved resources while growing the Philadelphia fashion community. In less than a year, the co-op store has become a coalition collaboration between 8 local designers.

With Ian wearing Lobo Mau

Philly PR Girl, Bella Boy, Lobo Mau












One of the eight brands featured in the store is Lobo Mau, owned and designed by Nicole Haddad.  I met her through a mutual friend, Bella Boy (in a Lobo Mau logo tee above).  Lobo Mau is becoming one of them most sought-after indie clothing brands in Philadelphia.  Nicole’s designs feature signature, edgy prints on the most comfortable fabric I have ever worn.  I could not leave the store without two of the pieces I tried on …I HAD to have them!

Philly PR Girl Contributor Victoria Lam with Lele Tran

Having fun trying on clothes!












If edgy patterns and neutral colors are not quite your style, perhaps Mariel Rojo is right for you. Her eponymous line features flowing maxi skirts (as seen on Victoria above) and sheer blouses . These pieces were so fun to mix, match, and use to experiment with colorblocking; however, the new Fall/Winter pieces contrast those nicely with strong fabrics and more muted tones.

All in all, it was a fun day with two fabulous women in the Philadelphia fashion industry.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for Philadelphia’s Fashion Scene!

Melissa looking fierce in an eye patch!

Checking out the 3D Dress!

What a great day!

  1. I, for one, am a HUGE fan of LeLe Tran and US * U.S. Boutique. Her unique eye and modern designs are unmatched in Philly! Get ’em now before they explode my fashionistas!