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The New Snapchat: Instagram Stories

instagram storiesInstagram has just launched their newest update: Instagram Stories. This new feature allows you to post photos and video posts separate from your profile. Stories with be posted for 24 hours and then disappear. Any Stories posted by the accounts you follow will appear above your usual feed. To view the story, you simply tap on the icon, then swipe to go through the story. Then, you can jump to the next person’s story.

At this point, you may be thinking that this new feature is strikingly similar to Snapchat. Instagram is the first to admit that Snapchat was the developer of the concept. Its new app functionality is using the “temporary” concept to bring users closer to their audiences without clogging feeds. This is a reaction to viral stories about users primarily teens deleting posts that don’t get “enough” likes. In turn, they’ve been migrating to Snapchat to document their day-to-day photos and videos. (Kids these days…)

While the new Stories feature has only been live for one day, we’ve already had the chance to play around with it (and become obsessed). Follow us on Instagram @Philly_PR_Girl to watch our future stories!

Read more in an interview with Instagram’s CEO here.

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