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Escape the City: Ocean City, Maryland

One of the best parts about living in Philadelphia is that it is situated in a great location. This leaves an open-ended list of places to explore and seek when you want to escape the City of Brotherly Love for a bit (because we all know you can’t stay away from Philly too long).

Hop in the car and drive for a few hours, and you will find yourself in a completely different state. Drive two and a half hours south, and you’ll find yourself in Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean City is perfect for an inexpensive beach getaway or a fun family weekend trip! There’s much to do, as it is known for its amusing boardwalk, golf courses, and amazing fresh seafood restaurants.

The town of Ocean City has been a vacation spot since the late 1860s. Visitors would come to the shore to enjoy scenic views of the Atlantic with hopes of collecting some unique seashells. Since then, Ocean City has become a very popular summer spot for Philly locals. It’s no surprise they host around 8 million vacationers a year, advertising a lot more to do than hunt for seashells.


Before heading down on Friday, choose which part of the town you want to stay in. Ocean City is split up in two sections: Northside and Southside. In the Northside, beginning at 146th st. and Coastal Highway, enjoy the high life in high rise condominiums. These were added to accommodate the region’s increasing number of visitors. Some condos offer upscale amenities, including restaurants, spas, and indoor/outdoor pools.

Pass 49th Street and Coastal Highway, and you will find yourself in the Southside. This section of town features the famous boardwalk that stretches for 2.5 miles and plenty of entertainment.


The Southside is home to Trimper’s classic boardwalk amusement park, with fun for the whole family! Get in the competitive mood with prized games, or enjoy relaxing views on their ferris wheel, the oldest attraction at the park.

Before or after soaking up the sun on the beach on Saturday, head to one of the Southside’s many championship courses, not far from the shore. Gather up a few friends and play a game at Eagle’s Landing with Sinepuxent Bay and Assateague National Seashore as your backdrop. Eagle’s Landing supports all levels of golfing, but if you want to keep it simple, there are plenty of miniature golfing locations up and down Coastal Highway.


Prior to your return to Philadelphia, a seafood restaurant is highly recommended to round out your weekend agenda. Phillips is a quite known establishment. They started out as a small family seafood restaurant and later expanded by the success of the business. Their seafood options are endless, but their fresh seasoned crabs keeps customers coming back. They have two locations on Coastal Highway. Not feeling seafood? That’s not a problem. Here’s a complete list of dining locations along the shore!

With the last few weeks of summer upon us, we encourage you to take a trip out there. Escape the city for either a day or the weekend while it’s still warm. Thank us later!

Wanting more detailed information at your finger tips? The OCMD official website is a one-stop shop!

Are you a regular to Ocean City or a first-timer this summer? What was one of your favorite activities and/or places to eat?