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Networking on the Weekends


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I was honored to be invited to be a part of a panel of successful women entrepreneurs at a networking event Saturday hosted by Philly Style Bloggers and the Levo League. This networking event is the start of a new series called “Workn’ Weekends,” where women entrepreneurs and bloggers from around the area come together to discuss and exchange strategies and advice on how to keep motivated and continue to prosper their business.

Philly Style Bloggers is a collective group of bloggers who actively work to increase the presence and influence of bloggers in the Philadelphia Tri-State area. The Levo League is a social platform for young women to unite in the workforce by providing career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success. At Levo League, you may get connected with mentors in your area as well as search for open job posts.

The other wonderful ladies amongst the panelists included:

As Karima moderated the panel, topics ranged from our thoughts about building a fellowship with other female business owners to women competitiveness in the workplace, and everything in between. All of the ladies provided excellent feedback and personal experiences that helped open up our eyes to new opportunities for improvement and growth. My favorite quote of the night was when Karima mentioned, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” in other words support one another.   We spoke about a great article on called ” No, You Can’t Pick My Brain.  It Costs Too Much.”  Read it!

As women entrepreneurs and business owners, a strong foundation and support is necessary for continued growth in the environment, and Workn’ Weekends is exactly what we need to help build this concept and to help build each other.  There will be more sessions in the future and I will definitely be there!

  1. So nice to finally meet you! 🙂 Loved the panel also – everyone gave great advice!


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