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Must-Read Books by Female Authors: Giving Thanks

For many, November is a month to reflect on the bounty of beauty in our lives. We feel grateful for things like a full meal, a warm home and good health, as well as friends and family. But how often do we focus on appreciation throughout the rest of the year? Here are three books to help you think about thanks in new ways, long after the last turkey leftovers are gone.

The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life

Although being grateful may lead to good feelings, an attitude of gratitude is not to be confused with happiness. In The Gratitude Diaries, former Parade editor-in-chief Janice Kaplan writes a memoir about her journey to better understand the difference. Interviews with neuroscientists and philosophers, as well as successful celebrities like Barbra Streisand, guide her discovery that gratitude. Find out how it grows deep roots if it is consciously cultivated each day.

The Art of The Thank You: Crafting Notes of Gratitude

In The Art of The Thank You, Connie Leas reminds us it’s important to take time to not just say thank you, but to write it, too. In an increasingly digital world, this pick offers practical tips on how to hand write notes of gratitude. Find all sorts of situations for soon-to-be recipients, including bosses, in-laws, doctors, kids and more. Plus, she sprinkles in entertaining anecdotes and historical tales of gratitude at its best (and worst).

My Heart Fills with Happiness

International speaker and award-winning author Monique Gray Smith wrote My Heart Fills with Happiness. Its mission is to support the wellness of Indigenous children and families. It’s also to encourage all young children to reflect on what makes them happy. Join along as children in this book feel the sun on their faces, smell warm bannock baking in the oven, and hold the hands of someone they love. After all, sometimes the most joy is derived from the simplest pleasures.


What other books about gratitude have you read? Share with us in the comments below!