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First Friday Interview: Meghan Rosko of Nutmeg & Honeybee

First Friday Interview: Meghan Rosko, Nutmeg & Honeybee

Founder and Owner of Nutmeg & Honeybee, Meghan Rosko, is a Philadelphia baker, maker and YouTuber. We wanted to get to know the lady behind it all, learn how she has acquired 138K Instagram followers in just over a year…  but mostly how her work has been featured on celebrity Instagrams like Kylie Jenner and Blake Lively! If you are someone who has an interest in design, baked goods, crafts, decor or photography, then this is a blog that definitely needs to be on your radar.
Kylie Jenner Cosmetics macarons

PPRG: What is Nutmeg & Honeybee and how did the idea originate?

Meghan: Nutmeg & Honeybee is an online dessert boutique, specializing in all things sweet with an artistic touch.


PPRG: How did your interest in baking and design come about?

Meghan: Back in 2014, I lost my older brother in a car accident. During the grieving period, I began baking decorative cookies for my friends and family, which soon became a small business. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been adding more treats to my menu, which include French macarons, baked doughnuts, lollipops and cakes. The name Nutmeg & Honeybee is inspired by my brother. I would always call him “B”, so now the honeybee represents him.


PPRG: How do your new recipes and creative designs come to life?

Meghan: When I work with clients, they usually give me a general theme for their desserts — whether that be for a specific event or even color scheme–and then they usually allow me to get creative with the Pink striped macaronrest of the designing process. I love when clients give me control of my artwork because it means they trust my vision. I usually have an idea of what I want the cookie or cake to look like, so I don’t really sketch out anything before hand. If something looks different than what I imagined in my head, I don’t consider it a mess-up. I just continue to go with the design and somewhere along the way, I figure out how to capture what the client wanted. That’s the beauty of creativity.



PPRG: What sparked the creation of your YouTube channel in 2012?

Meghan: I loved the idea of creating a YouTube channel so people could actually watch me creating desserts. There’s also a sense of community with your followers when you get to chat with them through the camera. I think that people forget Nutmeg & Honeybee is solely a one-woman show. People comment on my photos all the time saying “I love this companies work. They make the best stuff.” I felt like there was a disconnect between myself and my followers, so I knew that sharing a little bit more about myself on YouTube would help. Having people connect with me on YouTube is a fun part of growing my business.


PPRG: Have you created desserts for any big names that you can share?

The Shadows starring Blake Lively macaron Meghan: I’ve had the opportunity to work with some awesome people in the past year. I’m a contributor for Julianne Hough’s website, as well as Gray Malin’s site. I’ve worked with Haylie Duff, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Witney Carson, where I created cookies for them. I’ve also had my work reposted by Kylie Jenner Cosmetics and Blake Lively on Instagram, which was super cool.


PPRG: Now you have 138k followers on Instagram – wow! How did your brand’s following start and evolve on Instagram?

Meghan: Instagram has been one of my greatest tools for not only starting my business, but helping it grow to where it’s at now. I like my Instagram to flow when you look at it. My pictures are light and bright, with pops of color. I definitely get customers from Instagram, but I know a lot of people like to just look through my feed (and that’s totally okay with me).  As far as pictures go for Instagram, I use the app Afterlight to touch up some of my pictures. It allows you to play with brightness, saturation, and throw some nice filters on your photos.


PPRG: What advice do you have for home bakers or those trying to start their own bakery?

Meghan: For anyone who wants to start their own baking business, or business in general, you have to be ready to work your butt off. I know people will say that all the time, but it’s the only thing that’s going to take you to the next level. Be patient. Put the extra time in creating beautiful packaging. Focus on the little things. Find out what makes YOU different. There are accounts that copy what I do every single day, but they haven’t found their own style that makes them authentic. Find it. Run with it. Be kind, but don’t let people walk all over you. Stand up for yourself and be proud of everything you accomplish, no matter how big or small.


PPRG: What do you love about Philadelphia?

Meghan: Philadelphia will always be my home. Even though I’m based outside of the city, I’m always taking trips downtown. My favorite thing to do in the city is go out to dinner in Old City, get some Ice Cream at the Franklin Fountain and then head over to the Arden Theatre to catch a show.


PPRG: What’s next in store for you?

Meghan: Nutmeg & Honeybee is always going to place creativity and design at the beginning of the brand, so the ability to adapt to new areas will always be a possibility. I can’t wait to push myself into new areas of design. Stay tuned for some exciting projects!

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To keep up with the very talented Meghan Rosko and her creatively delicious projects, follow Nutmeg & Honeybee on Instagram @nutmegandhoneybee, Facebook and of course, subscribe to her very own YouTube channel.


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