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Academy Awards Red Carpet: Philly PR Girl’s Favorites

If you followed along, Philly PR Girl did red carpet round-ups for every award show this season! Last night was the final and biggest award show of the year, the Academy Awards. It’s Hollywood’s most-anticipated night, and we couldn’t help but tell you our favorite red carpet looks. Here is Philly PR

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Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet: Philly PR Girl’s Favorites

Award season 2016 has officially kicked off with the Golden Globes, and all of us at Philly PR Girl could not be more excited. The shows are always fun to watch, of course, but what is better than the red carpet? Nothing. Here are some of Philly PR Girl’s favorite

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‘Sons of Ben: The Movie’ Red Carpet Premiere

  This past Wednesday, June 10, the highly anticipated red-carpet premiere of Sons of Ben: The Movie finally hit the Trocadero Theater stage! Philly PR Girl was so excited to be the official PR and Event Planning team for the film, which told the inspiring story of a supporters group, the

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Sons of Ben: The Movie To Make Philadelphia Red-Carpet Debut

On June 10, 2015, hundreds of Philadelphia’s most spirited and passionate sports fans will gather at the historic Trocadero Theatre for a once in a lifetime event – the Philadelphia red carpet premiere of Sons of Ben: The Movie. Sons of Ben: The Movie is an inspirational documentary directed by Jeff

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Sons Of Ben: The Movie to Premiere in Philadelphia This June

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Sons of Ben. They are a die-hard Philadelphia soccer fan base who took matters into their own hands and did something crazy: in 2007, ten years after Major League Soccer was started in the U.S., they formed a supporters club for a team that

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