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The Power of Professional WoMen

  Philly PR Girl was built on the foundation of networking. We love to discover new organizations that not only help emerging leaders but encourage professionalism and collaboration in the work field. The Power of Professional WoMen is a prime example of a company that shares this vision.

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Philly PR Girl Industry Insights: Personal Branding 101

We are debuting our highly anticipated new blog series, Philly PR Girl Industry Insights! As digital media continues to evolve, professionals struggle to stay ahead of the newest trends. This series’ aim is to keep all the social media mavens on top of their game. Each month, our PPRG owner,

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Happy #NaBloPoMo!


                  Here at Philly PR Girl, we are celebrating our roots this month. For those of you who don’t know, Philly PR Girl started as a little blog before it grew into a full-service PR agency. So naturally, we are always excited

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CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles Presents #PitchLeBronContest

Are you a small, local business owner looking to take your business to the next level?  We’re excited to bring you this opportunity we just found out about! To celebrate the launch of CNBC’s new show, “Cleveland Hustles,” from executive producer LeBron James, local business owners across the country have

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The New Snapchat: Instagram Stories

Instagram has just launched their newest update: Instagram Stories. This new feature allows you to post photos and video posts separate from your profile. Stories with be posted for 24 hours and then disappear. Any Stories posted by the accounts you follow will appear above your usual feed. To view

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A Few Awesome Philly Companies That Are Hiring

Need of a new job or an internship? Look no further, because Philly PR Girl knows a few local Philly companies that are hiring people just like you! Take a look at the list – and good luck! Local Business Organizations: Philly PR Girl has open positions for PR Manager,

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How to Secure an Internship in College

Securing an internship in college is extremely beneficial to not only one’s personal growth and development, but also to a student’s overall future in the field he/she may (or may not) want to prosper in post-college. Below are a number of ways to secure an internship, while also build a

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9 Tips for How to Hack a Networking Event

What is it about chatting up strangers in a controlled setting that makes us so uneasy? For some, it’s the self-promotional aspect of networking that registers as awkward; for others, it’s the challenge in finding common ground with new peers. Blame it on the sweaty palms, the lengthy silences or the fumbling of business

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How to Host a Killer Twitter Chat

Twitter is a fantastic tool for individuals and businesses alike. With over 300 million active monthly users, it’s a convenient dashboard for reaching new audiences, connecting with customers, gaining access to media, and promoting content, products, and services. It also moves incredibly fast – for those social media managers with

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Blogging 101: Tips on Starting Your First Blog

Over the last few years, blogging has become an incredibly popular pastime, spanning all types of industries, readerships, and platforms. While many people choose to do it as a hobby, there are some of the lucky ones who stick to it long enough and work at it hard enough to eventually

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