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Our Favorite Eagle’s Moments


Three more days until the BIGGEST GAME of the year!!! Take a stroll down memory lane with us as the Philly PR Girls recall some of our favorite memories of the Philadelphia Eagles!


It’s extremely hard for me to pick one memory.  I loved going to the VET but when the Linc went up I swear I was the first person there.   If you can’t tell I’ve been an Eagles fan my whole life.  My favorite Eagles memories though would have to be these last few weeks.  In December I flew to LA for the Raiders game!  I was also lucky to be at the Falcons game just a couple of weeks ago at the Linc and I watched the Championship game with just a couple thousand of my closest friends at XFINITY Live!   This season has been a dream season and it’s not over just yet.


Despite living in the Philadelphia area since I was 5, I didn’t go to my first Eagles game until almost 20 years later. On an absolutely FREEZING Monday night in October, my mom, brothers, and I braved the cold to watch the Eagles beat the Giants 27 to 7. It was an incredible game and it started a new tradition for me and my family – we’ve gone to a game together every year since!


My favorite Eagles memory has to be when I went to XFINITY Live! with some of my closest friends one Sunday night during the game. It was my first time I was there during an Eagles game and they were playing away that weekend. Let me tell you, that didn’t stop anyone from coming out. The place was packed! I was blown away at how many people were there to support their team even when they were playing hundreds of miles away. I got to watch an Eagles victory from the lofted VIP section of XFINITY Live! surrounded by good food and good people. It was pretty great!



My favorite Eagles moment was cheering on the Eagles with Philly PR Girl Owner, Kate at Xfinity Live! against the Vikings. I’ve never seen so many fans bleed green under one roof. When leaving Xfinity in the final quarter, I could still hear fans cheering from the sports bar as I walked down Broad St. Also, I’ll never forget turning to my right and seeing retired professional NBA player, Charles Barkley in the room next to us!


Like Andie, despite being in Philly for a majority of my life, I didn’t go to my first Eagles game till I was in college. I remember I went to a tailgate with my friends and then went to go watch the game. I was amazed at the spectators and how everyone was so excited to watch the game and root for the Eagles. But my overall favorite memory was from last weekend when we finally won the Championship and everyone from La Salle stormed out on the streets and just celebrated the victory, it was fun and great to be a part of an amazing moment!


I started going to Eagles tailgates while in college and I absolutely love them! The energy is so crazy. You can’t help but scream the Eagles fight song at the top of your lungs! My favorite Eagles memory so far would be going to the tailgate two weeks ago before they played the Vikings. Everyone was in good spirits and so pumped up which really paid off because they’re heading to the Super Bowl! Go birds!!!



I attended my first Eagles game with the PPRG team in October of 2017. As as Washingtonian (DC Transplant) coming to Philadelphia I was not prepared for the intense Eagles fandomemonium that fills the city. The energy was crazy and there was no denying that Philly bleeds green. The highlight for me was tailgating in the morning with no shame at 11am! The parking lots were full with sizzling grills, mini bars and pop up tents. It was a great Sunday to enjoy, bagels, beer and of course the birds!


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