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Workout From Home with Inspiring Philly Trainer



“New year, new me,” is a great mantra… but sometimes, it’s easier said than done. With shorter days and crazy winter conditions, it may be too hard to leave the house to stick to your goals. It takes a lot of hustle and heart to stay committed to your fitness plan. That’s why we love, Taylor Merget (@_hustle.and.heart), who is a fitness fanatic. We spoke with her about what keeps her motivated and how to work up a sweat when it’s too cold outside.

Even when you’re busy, there’s always a chance to work out as long as you’re committed to making the time. For Taylor, she works at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)  during the day and she teaches cycling classes and REVive Studio in Frazer, PA. She knows what it’s like to be busy.

To stay motivated, Taylor says, “I’ve been a competitive athlete my whole life, so fitness has always been a lifestyle for me. I love the rush from a fast heart rate and crave the feeling I get during/after a workout, as well as feeling strong. That’s what keeps me going.”




1.Jump squats x15

Keep your back straight, arms slightly out to activate the core, and jump forwards and backwards.

2. Knee-to-chest X15 each side

This activates core and hamstrings.

3. Burpees with wide push-up x 15

Modify this move by doing a regular push-up. Any variation of burpees are a great at home workout because it works every single muscle.

4. Toe touches with snap jump x15

Keep steady and remember to engage your core (squeeze!).

5. Jump lunges x 24 total (12 each side)

Keep your hands on your hips to activate the core.

6. Commandos with in-out jumps x 24 total (12 each side)

Pay attention to form and make sure you keep your butt down.

7. Twist push-ups x 16 total (8 each side)

Twist to opposite sides in between each push-ups.


Repeat these exercises 4 times, with 1 minute rest in between each circuit.


See more of Taylor’s fitness journey in a recent Be Well Philly article where she shares her body positivity story. Thanks for sharing this workout with us and inspiring us!