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Fuel Your New Year’s Resolutions at These Philly Eateries

Fact: the majority of people we know make a “health” resolution every year. Though let’s be honest… the majority of us have a hard time staying on track throughout the year. We feel ya. That’s why we rounded up a list of best Philly eateries to go when life gets in the way and you don’t have time to pack lunch or cook dinner. Suggestion: bookmark this page.

Multiple locations in Philadelphia, PA and NJ

This Philly-born company focuses on local ingredients that nourish its customers and  communities. Try the White Bean Tuna Salad that has a good ratio of protein to carbs. Don’t think that you have to eat greens only, though. One of the healthiest signature salads is the Walnut St. Noodle Salad with freshly made whole wheat noodles at only 420 calories. Ask for all dressings on the side for even more intake control. Stay away from high-fat menu options that pack on the calories, such as the Cobb Salad with bacon and blue cheese.

Multiple locations in Center City Philadelphia

Just because it’s vegan and sustainably-sourced doesn’t mean everything is healthy. Of course, the fries are not the healthiest (just verrrry tasty). Opt for the Arugula Taco Salad and Udon Noodle Salad that are full of flavor. Take the Curry Tofu wrap and ask to turn it into a salad to cut out added carbs. Again, ask for dressings on the side. Best of all, the banana whip is only 260 calories worth of low-fat, all-natural frozen bananas. Make good topping choices with additional fresh fruit.

P.S. & Co.
1706 Locust Street, Philadelphia PA

Let’s get one thing straight: carbs are not the devil. Make wise choices like whole grains, which are offered in abundance at this Center City cafe. Their Starter menu features many great house-made options for breakfast and brunch, such as muesli bowls with nut milk and nut-and-seed bread for avocado toast.

Multiple locations in Philadelphia

This Center City favorite has mastered the salad and grain bowl game. For a creamy-dressed salad, the Kale Caesar is surprisingly healthy at 430 calories. The Spicy Szabi and Rad Thai salads are also packed with flavor and delightfully under 500 calories. While the grains carry a little more calories from the carbs, they contain nutritious ones like organic wild rice and superfood quinoa.


Front Street Cafe
1253 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA

This Fishtown darling is a big welcome in a neighborhood filled with bustling bars — and bar food. Try fresh options like the acai bowl for brunch, lentil chili for lunch, or artisan green salad for dinner. The Harvest Salad features butternut squash, two types of greens, quinoa, dried cranberries, and pepitas. Skip the goat cheese and ask for dressing on the side for a health boost.

1625 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA

Healthy fat from olive oil: check. Protein from chickpeas: check. Low carb from cucumber chips: check. While the menu changes frequently, opt for a vegetarian hummus for bonus health points. This world-famous hummus is so smooth and creamy, it practically melts in your mouth. The portions are big, so consider splitting one with a friend. All orders also come with a tangy beet salad.


Couch Tomato Cafe
102 Rector Street, Philadelphia, PA

Located on Manayunk’s Main Street, this cafe uses fresh ingredients whenever possible. There is lots of dietary flexibility with options like gluten-free breads, wraps or pizza crust, vegan cheeses, and organic apple chips instead of potato chips. One of our favorite salads is the Santorini with falafel, chickpeas, quinoa, tomatoes, almonds, and feta on organic arugula. Absolutely craving one of their renowned pizzas? Try the Calorie Cruncher, baked on extra-thin crust, with crushed tomato, garlic, farmers cheese, organic arugula, and provolone.

Kanella Grill
1001 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA

It can be hard to find healthy options at a full-service sit-down restaurant, but the natural Mediterranean diet of Cyprus makes it easy at Kanella Grill. Who doesn’t love a big fat Greek salad with expertly grilled chicken kebabs?! Try a variety of their kebabs on skewers with globs of fresh tzatziki yogurt sauce, and skip the fries and pita in the platter.


Real Food Eatery
207 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA

The name says it all. This place is all about serving real protein, vegetables, and grains. Their menu is designed to let you pick what’s important to your diet, whether it’s no-meat, no-grains, no-gluten, etc. Here, you have the freedom to customize it all to your liking. Can’t choose? There are pre-made salads and bowls for you to quickly order.

Bluestone Lane
1701 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA

This Australian-style cafe offers a lengthy menu of healthy options. Eat your colors with the vibrant veggie-packed Rainbow Bowl’s heirloom carrots, spinach, lentils, beets, avocado, and bright turmeric dressing. You’ll also find many varieties of their well-known Avocado Smash toast.


The first couple cold-turkey months are the hardest ones to get through. Keeping healthy resolutions is the last thing you want to do, especially when it’s literally so cold you can’t feel your fingers. Give yourself a break and stop at one of these warm, nourishing places. But stay strong. We believe in you!


What’s your favorite healthy meal at these Philly eateries? Let us know in the comments!