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10 Best Preakness at the Piazza Hats

10 Best Preakness at the Piazza Hats

The countdown to Preakness at the Piazza 2017 is on! With the event right around the corner, ladies should be prepared to go big or go home with their hats and fascinators. Preakness at the Piazza is Philadelphia’s fashion event of the spring, and topping off your outfit with the perfect hat is a must. So take a look at some of our favorites from the past four years to get a little inspiration.

  1. Kris Gross

    Every year, Kriss Gross comes dressed ready for Preakness. As the mom to Geoff Gross, the Founder of Preakness at the Piazza, she is always ready to top off her look with an amazing hat! Winning Best Dressed Female in 2016, Kriss’ outfit is sure to give you some hat inspiration, especially with this colorful hat.

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Kriss Gross

  2. Eva Pilgrim

    Eva Pilgrim, now seen on ABC, wore a big red hat to match her dress in 2015. Eva’s hat is the ideal floppy hat look that we all strive to pull off. Fun fact: she created her hat by adding the details just a few hours before the event started!

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Eva Pilgrim

  3. Kate Marlys

    Kate’s stunning fascinator that was specially handmade by Fete Urbane. The attention to detail makes this piece a really winner. It’s made with real flowers and features little horses on it. It’s one of the truest to Preakness at the Piazza theme!

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Kate Marlys

  4. Maria Oberst

    Maria from the MS Society got DIY crafty with her hat in 2013. She added horse figurines to the top of her hat herself! Preakness at the Piazza is all showing off your creativity and boldness!

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Maria Oberst

  5. Val Gross

    Val makes a statement every year with her colorful, large hats. You thought this 2015 hat was good? We had a hard time choosing between this one and her purple hat from last year’s event. Needless to say, she kills it every year with her choices!

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Val Gross

  6. These Guys

    You can catch a glimpse of These Guys in almost every photo from 2015. With head to toe matching #twinning outfits, how could they not be? The bold peach and cobalt blue combination were a winning combo. (But really… these guys were everywhere! See for yourself.)

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: These Guys

  7. Unknown

    Like we say… go big or go home at Preakness at the Piazza! Just like this girl, her hat is making a statement. Preakness at the Piazza is all about the large floppy hat with colors that pop and this girl killed it!

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Unknown

  8. Gina Gannon

    TV personality, Gina Gannon, killed it last year with this simple and chic black and white look. Gina’s hat was accented with lots of feathers and polka dots, coordinating perfectly with her white dress.

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Gina Gannon

  9. Malcolm Jenkins

    He may be best known for his skills on the football field, but did you know Malcolm Jenkins cleans up well off the field too?! As one of the 2016 Fashion Judges, he did not disappoint with a classic Preakness style hat to complete his look. Plus, not only does he design bowties (Rock Avenue Bowties), but he now also designs suits at Damari Savile.

    Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat: Malcolm Jenkins

  10. Best Hat Winner 2016

    Last, but not least, we loved the colorful style of our Preakness at the Piazza 2016 hat winner. Her large floppy hat with beautiful blooms won the judges over. You can’t go wrong with May flowers for Preakness!

Best Preakness at the Piazza Hat 2016

If you thought these hats were amazing, they were hard to choose from. There have been so many amazing fashion choices over the past four years. We are so excited to find out what the big 5th year will bring! 

Looking for more hat inspiration? Visit the Preakness at the Piazza Pinterest page and their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Tickets are still on sale, so grab yours now before the event is sold out!