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Must-Read Books by Female Authors: April Showers

As the saying goes… April showers bring May flowers, which means it’s traditionally the time of year to start reconnecting with nature ready to blossom. Read on for five fresh finds focused on tuning into our surroundings, each other, and ourselves.


According to the book cover of this collection of sci-fi and fantasy tales by twenty female authors from India and Australia, Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean is about connections. Explore between men and women, boys and girls, between the past, the present, and the future. Through short stories, graphic novellas, and a play, the reader will discover new worlds. Strength is celebrated and honored, and magical realism is blended with self-confidence.


In Every Body Yoga, Jessamyn Stanley offers 50 yoga poses and 10 sequences that anyone can do, anywhere. A champion in the body-positive movement, this author and internationally acclaimed yoga teacher encourages you to be kind to yourself. Focus on questions like “How do I feel?” instead of “How do I look?” PLUS: Stanley is speaking about her book at The Free Library of Philadelphia on Tuesday, April 18!


Pablita Velarde says her first memories are of helping her father along the banks of the Rio Grande. Born at Santa Clara Pueblo in 1918, in north central New Mexico, she remembers them growing vegetables together. In Old Father Story Teller, Velarde illustrates six of the most memorable tribal stories about home, beauty, and more. This is a great read for all ages.


What if someone told you that you can master cooking using just four elements? This is the essence of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat, an acclaimed cook who learned her skill at the famous Chez Panisse in Italy. Learn how to properly utilize different ingredients in each element. Salt enhances flavor. Fat delivers flavor and generates texture. Acid balances flavor. Heat can ultimately determine the texture of food. Use these techniques and “anything you cook will be delicious,” according to Nosrat.


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  1. I wish this was a longer list! I think it’s great you’re focusing on female authors and I would love to be able to recommend another fantastic writer for a future list! I just finished the first book in a new series called, “Robbing the Pillars” by Kalen Vaughan Johnson. The main character, Scottish immigrant, James MacLaren has to flee Scotland with his family after killing a man and in hopes of a better life. They head to California during the Gold Rush and he takes on the very difficult job of mining. It’s a phenomenal family saga and you get to watch the family grow and definitely become attached to them all! I can’t recommend it enough. The author does a great job of bringing this family to life and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. You can read more about her, the book and the series here:

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Karen! This is a monthly series, so you can get more recommendations from past months here: We’d love to include you recommendation in a future post. If we do, are you comfortable if we quote your thoughts about Kalen’s books directly? If you have any other thoughts or questions, feel free to email the author, Brittany, at