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First Friday Interview: Sabine of Georgette Marise Interiors


We recently connected with Sabine Guillaume Hayes, creator of Georgette Marise Interiors, at the new Girls Auto Clinic & Clutch Beauty Bar. They were the creative brains behind the beautiful and innovative space.  As a new boutique-style interior design firm, Georgette Marise Interiors focuses on personalized transformations to make clients proud of their space.

Find out how Sabine and her team bring beautiful designs to life through experience, brand and processes. From taking their clients’ visions to producing  and more!

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PPRG: Congratulations on starting your own business, Georgette Marise Interiors, in 2015! How did your career in interior design begin?

SGH: Starting in middle school, I’ve always had a love for how spaces were put together. I loved sketching furniture layouts and plans. In high school, my grandmother recommended that I consider becoming an interior designer. I took drafting classes in school to strengthen my craft and decided to study interior design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After graduating, I got a job as a Design Consultant at Ethan Allen, which gave me the opportunity to grow as a designer and create custom spaces for clients.


PPRG: How would you describe your brand’s services and style? How has it grown since you started the company?

SGH: Georgette Marise style is relationship-based. Our three service categories are: Full Service, Votre Chambre by Georgette Marise, and A La Carte. They were created to provide solutions for different types of clientele and their needs – the Full Service vs. Do-it-Yourself clientele. Our style is elegant, yet simple (Georgette + Marise) with touches of color. We want each space we design to be personal and unique for our clients. Since we started in 2015, we have created a specialized team of contractors, carpenters, painters, designers, artists, and a library of unique vendors to cater to our clients’ needs.

PPRG: Where do you find inspiration?

SGH: I enjoy working on spaces that have a story. Looking at different styles of architecture when I travel inspires me. Or I might see a unique accessory or piece of furniture in a showroom that inspires a complete design. I often look to art or nature for additional inspiration. I love designing spaces that are multi dimensional, unique and personal.  


PPRG: Take us through a typical day for you. Where does the process of transforming a space begin for most clients?

SGH: The process of transforming a space is understanding my clients and their vision for the space. Once I understand or help develop their vision, I begin to start the preliminary sketches and ideas. The ideas are shared and reviewed by the client, and I start to finalize the design from the floor plan to selecting all the materials and finishes. Once all the items are approved, the ordering phase beings. Then, my team starts the necessary construction or installation phase. The final phase is my favorite. I love finalizing all the furniture placement and arranging all the final accessories. The final touches is what brings the space to life!


PPRG: How does entrepreneurship compare to being a design consultant or working for a gallery?

SGH: As a design consultant or someone working at a gallery, I was limited to the boundaries of the company’s suppliers and vendors. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to use my creativity directly with clients while having the flexibility and access to hundreds of resources.


PPRG: We’ve seen your work featured in ABC, Philadelphia Inquirer,, and The Philadelphia Tribune for the new Girls Auto Clinic.* We might be biased, but we think it looks amazing! What were some unique opportunities and any challenges for that project?

SGH: Thank you! Working on the Girls Auto Clinic and Clutch by Girls Auto Clinic project was a creative dream as a designer. It allowed me to pull inspiration from industrial elements found in an automotive garage, also balanced by vintage feminine details. Commercial spaces are designed to be used by the public. The decisions of placement, lighting, material finishes are purposely selected to meet the durability of the public, unlike residential spaces, which are personal and reflect the style of the homeowner.

PPRG: What is your favorite part about your job?

SGH: I love revealing a design solution to a client and seeing the amazement when they see it come to life.


PPRG: What exciting projects does Georgette Marise Interiors have for the new year?

SGH: We are working on some residential projects and collaborating on custom decor accessories. Our goal is continue to build lasting relationships with potential clients.


PPRG: What advice do you have for aspiring interior designers and/or entrepreneurs?

SGH: Firstly, define why you want to be an interior designer or entrepreneur. Be prepared to work hard and never stop learning.


*Girls Auto Clinic is a client of Philly PR Girl

To learn more about Sabine and her company, connect with Georgette Marise Interiors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.