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Stay in Shape with 6 Amazing Local Trainers

Stay in Shape with 6 Amazing Local Trainers

With the holiday season now in full swing, you might be enticed to keep warm in big sweaters and stretchy pants. But soon, we’ll all be making New Year’s resolutions to shed a couple holiday pounds or planning an exotic beach getaway to escape the icy Philly air.

If you want to prevent your diet from going lax and keep gym time going to a minimum, we’ve got a solution for you! Here’s a list of our favorite personal trainers, who range across the tri-state area. The benefits of having a personal trainer can immensely help you stay on track of your goals and continue to motivate you during these cold, dreary months.

Fabiana Ferrarini

Fabiana FerrariniFabiana has been a trainer for five years. Over this time, she has become incredibly in-demand with an exponentially growing wait list. To reach as many people as possible, she now holds group training sessions for her “Queens.” As the creator of the 8-week Booty Academy, Fabiana uses a workout style that is not only fun and motivational, but also educational. Above all, Fabiana believes in teaching different techniques that work best for her clients and their bodies. 

Her most recommended exercise? Working out the glutes! Since our glutes are the biggest muscles, training them properly has so many benefits including improving posture. When these muscles are strong, the lower back will not be picking up the slack.

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Camara Keita

Camara KeitaWith over 20 years in the health and fitness industry under his belt, Camara focused on personal training for 15 years. Better known as CK, he is currently the Regional Fitness Director for Retro Fitness, in three locations throughout DE/NJ. CK feels that everyone has a workout “comfort zone,” and using a personal trainer has the ability to take a person OUT of that to reach their maximum potential. If you’re looking for a challenging workout that uses a variety of principles and techniques, CK’s workouts will exhausts your physical being to achieve the results you’re looking for!  

CK says core exercises are ALWAYS essential.

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Diva Richards

diva richardsAs a personal trainer of 17 years, Ms. Diva considers herself an “OG.” She currently trains at The Firm Fitness Center in Marlton, NJ. (Though she is in the process of opening her own personal training gym/studio in early 2017!) Her workout style emphasizes full body exercises ALL the time. Well known for saying (or yelling) “Hard work, no excuses,” she stresses this throughout her sessions to push every individual. Although her workouts can be challenging, Diva stresses that they are for any and all levels of fitness.


Her most recommended exercise? Multiple muscle groups exercises that maximize your time and efforts in the gym, e.g., squat curl press, lunge + shoulders press, jab + cross + squat, and everyone’s favorite: burpees.

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Sam Williams

As a personal trainer for nearly five years Sam Williamsnow, Sam trains out of Mass-Fit gym in Society Hill. He describes his workout method as high intensity with a “light mood.” He recognizes that working out is hard enough, so you might as well try to have fun while doing it. Sam’s programs are specific to his clients’ goals. He will push you to change your perception of what is possible by offering all the encouragement and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

Sam’s recommended default exercises are: squat, deadlift and bench press, as each has excellent value for everyone.

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Ashley Blake Greenblatt

ashley blake greenblattAshley travels throughout the Philly area to train with a great deal of private training and online sessions through her website. Though she can most likely be found at The Sporting Club at the Bellevue in Philadelphia.  As a personal trainer of four years, she does not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” method. Ashley’s approach attempts to take out the “work” from “work out” by focusing on what her clients enjoys. This way, your association with exercise becomes more rewarding and fun.

Her most recommended exercise? Body weight exercises are convenient, safe and can be done anywhere, at any time.

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Ramon Campbell

Training for close to eight years, Ramon CampbellRamon trains at Philadelphia Sports Clubs in Society Hill. He ensures there is never a dull moment during his sessions by changing his routines frequently.

Ramon suggests compound (muli-joint) exercises like the bench press, barbell squat and deadlifts are basics for many workouts. For weight loss, he suggests High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This combines cardio and strength exercises to produce excellent results.  

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If you’ve never experienced one-on-one training before, give it a try to see if you like it. Trainers can provide fitness education, motivation and comfort in a gym that can be intimidating. They can help you reach – and even exceed – your personal fitness goals.

Remember, when it comes to health and fitness, each person has different needs. While PPRG loves these trainers, it’s important to always do your homework! Check out their sites and social media channels, but most importantly, sit down with the trainer and have an open conversation.

Other than that… What’s holding you back?!

Share your personal trainer experience and recommend him/her in the comments section!