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First Friday Interview: Todd Herremans

first friday

“To Help Where Help is Needed” – Todd Herremans, on the Herremans Foundation’s mission

Philadelphia Eagles veteran Todd Herremans founded the Herremans Foundation in 2013 with a mission to provide help where help is needed. By donating to various local organizations, Todd and his team bring awareness and assistance to communities in and around Philadelphia.

Since 2013, Herremans Foundation has donated to a number of charities including Vets Helping Vets, Habitat for Humanity, No Place For Hate, and many more. Todd talks to us about his passion for charitable work, upcoming events and of course, his thoughts on the Eagles great record so far this year!


PPRG: Tell us a little about yourself. What inspired you to start the Herremans Foundation?

Todd Herremans: I am an 11-year NFL veteran, and currently unemployed. My wife and I got married a year and a half ago and had a beautiful daughter six months later, so our personal lives have been pretty busy! I’ve always been involved with different charities growing up and during my NFL career. I wanted to start a foundation where I had the ability to collect and have control over the money raised and distribute it to where it was needed. As a foundation, to align with our mission, we aim more towards the smaller and local charities and have found that the amount of money we donate makes a bigger impact on smaller organizations.


PPRG: Since 2013, your foundation has helped multiple charitable organizations in and samandtoddaround Philadelphia. How do you choose which organization to donate to?

TH: That’s part of a process that we enjoy, but it can also be a little overwhelming too. We have an asking page on our website where people can tell us about their charities and organizations. As a board, we sit down and review each individual ask together. We would like to help every single organization, but if we don’t pick them the first year, we keep a catalog in case we can possibly support the organization in the future.


PPRG: Which foundation recipient stands out to you the most?

TH: We have been doing a lot of work with Magee Rehabilitation in Center City. We mostly focus on their brain injury program because I have a personal connection with the program. My grandmother passed away of dementia, and there are a ton of brain-related injuries that comes with football, so that program resonated most with me. I am really excited that we have been able to help and put money towards Magee Rehabilitation and all the work they do.


PPRG: Are there any charitable organizations you hope to work with in the future?

TH: The list of people we have to help is so long right now that I haven’t had the time to think about other organizations. That’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to wrap your brain trying to think of what to do this year. There is always someone to help and it’s not like you can make a wrong decision.


thumbsPPRG: What other Herremans Foundation events can we look forward to this upcoming year?

TH: The foundation is in a transition phase right now because we are not quite sure if I am done with my football career. We are settling down and refocusing our energy on new events and fundraisers soon.


PPRG: We know you are originally from Michigan, but what do you love the most about Philadelphia?

TH: I mostly lived out in the farm lands and countryside before I moved to Philadelphia. It’s the first major city I have grown accustomed to, so it holds a special place in my heart. This is where I first learned to be in the city. Through the years of being here, I have really grown to appreciate the people; they are hard-working and passionate. I really love being in this city.


PPRG: In your professional opinion, how are the Eagles doing this season?

TH: It looks good so far! *knock on wood* Doug is the perfect person to be calling plays for a rookie quarterback. I think the offensive line looks good, and they’ll continue to get better as the year goes on.


To learn more about the organization, follow the Herremans Foundation on Facebook and Twitter. Visit their website to donate or become involved today!