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A Look Back: Summer 2016 Internships

summer interns

Summer went by way too quickly here at Philly PR Girl! It was filled with hard work, lots of events, and many laughs. As it was coming to an end, we sadly had to say goodbye to our fabulous summer interns. This summer we were lucky to have Steph Rocha, Grace Andrake and Sophia Nitsolas.

We loved watching their growth and development during the three months they spent here. Before wishing them the best in their future endeavors, we checked in with them to hear about their favorite moments of being part of the Philly PR Girl team.

Steph Rocha – PR Coordinator

What was your favorite event you worked? Preakness at the Piazza!

What was your favorite day in the office?
My favorite day was when we did a photo shoot for Bai Water.

What is the thing you’ll miss most about Philly PR Girl? JOANIE, HANDS DOWN.

Grace Andrake – Marketing Coordinator


What is one thing you learned at Philly PR Girl that you didn’t expect to learn?
Spending all day teaching myself HTML coding!

What was your favorite day in the office?
My favorite day was when we took a “field trip” to South Philly. It was nice to get out of the office and walk around Philly for a couple of hours. We also got cupcakes from Sweetbox! No matter what we did it would’ve been a good day though.

What is one reason you love ____ (PR, Social Media, or Event Planning)?
I love planning events. When your vision comes to life from all your hard work, it makes enjoying the event that much better.

Sophia Nitsolas – Social Media Coordinator

What is your favorite Kate story?
I loved getting lunch together at El Vez, her trendy sunglass collection, doing karaoke at Yakitori Boy, and just Greek girls bonding.

What was your favorite quote from Brandon? It was post-Beyoncé concert when he said, “I could have died and been okay with it… I was waiting for that bitch to walk on water!”

What is one thing you learned that you didn’t expect to learn? That I could build an IKEA shelf and it’s still standing tall and strong! 😉


Thank you again to our summer interns for all of the work they did. We know they will succeed in any opportunity that comes their way!

The internship at Philly PR Girl is unlike internships where interns spend their day getting coffee and doing administrative tasks. We give our interns hands-on experience dealing with clients, media and multiple transferable skills.


If you’re interested in an opportunity at Philly PR Girl, we are currently hiring!  

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