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Philadelphia Animal Adoption Agencies



In honor of National Dog Day on August 26, we’re shedding light on Philadelphia animal adoption agencies to help make a difference. Not only can adoption change a dog’s life, but it can affect your life for the better, too. There are thousands of dogs, whether in shelters or privately up for adoption, that need your help. With the power of the Internet and new adoption apps, there’s no need to buy from breeders!

For the most part, dogs are simpleall they want is some genuine TLC. Your new best friend is waiting at one of these organizations today!


ACCT (featured Philadoptables)

111 W. Hunting Park Avenue

The region’s largest animal care and service provider, ACCT handles nearly 28,000 animals annually. Be an ‘ACCTION Hero’ by participating in their Feline Foster Challenge, ending on the 27th to save two lives: the animal you bring home and the incoming dog or cat that will take its place!


Morris Animal Refuge

1242 Lombard Street

Morris provides a range of preventive, protective and adoption services for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Check out its website to play with shelter pets online using its new petcube camera! Disclaimer: Pets may be too cute online, to not check out in person!


Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

1328 S. 24th Street

Working in conjunction with Philadelphia disaster relief organizations to provide emergency assistance, Red Paw aims to provide relief and recovery for displaced pets and to ensure that all family members are taken care of during and after a disaster in their home. It’s goal is to reunite people and their pets within a 30-60 day timeframe. Learn more about being a temporary foster home here.


Saved Me

860 N. 3rd Street

Saved Me Inc. is focused on saving dogs & cats from shelters that are forced to euthanize due to limited amount of space— close to 1,100 animals were saved in 2015 thanks to this organization! You too, can help in the fight to save these furry friends’ lives.


Street Tails Animal Rescue

1030 N. 2nd Street

A foster-based rescue aiming to help animals in need of medical attention, Street Tails’ mission is to raise awareness for the worthiness of each individual animal and the importance of adoption effort. Keep in mind, these dogs need you as much as you need them!


Pennsylvania SPCA

1546 Frankford Avenue

On September 26 only, PSPCA will be giving $50 off all dog adoptions, and select dogs for just $1! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity from 1-8 PM at 350 E. Erie Avenue to provide loving homes for dogs in need– which every pet deserves!


Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

100 N. 2nd Street

Working to make Philadelphia a no-kill city, where every pet is guaranteed a home, PAWS is dedicated to saving Philly’s homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals. Check out PAWS’s upcoming Philadelphia adoption events to put a smile on both you and your future pet’s face:


If you’re able to, spend a couple visits with the dog that sparks your interest and see if the personalities of everyone in the household match. Take some time to play with the dog(s) for a few minutes. Don’t just pick the cutest one… because personalities matter!


Have you adopted a dog from one of the agencies above? If so, what was your experience and how has your life changed since?