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3 Philly Neighborhoods Perfect for Foodies to Live in

foodie neighborhoods in philadelphia

The local food scene can make or break a neighborhood for foodies. The character of many neighborhoods is even defined by the food options in the area and the crowds that those restaurants attract.

While it’s fun to explore other parts of the city and check out its restaurants, nothing beats having a diverse and delicious food scene right outside your front door. If you’re looking for a new place to rent or buy, we recommend put these three Philadelphia neighborhoods with thriving food scenes at the top of your list!

Old City

As its name implies, Old City is Philadelphia’s historic district but there’s nothing old or boring about its food. As the Old City District’s dining page explains, “Philadelphia’s restaurant renaissance began here, and Old City’s chef-driven dining experience has never been more exciting.” Residents of Old City can enjoy access to more than 80 restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops without ever leaving their neighborhood.

If you’re considering homes in Old City, check out local joints like Wedge + Fig or Amada — both are guaranteed to make Old City your first choice for living. On a week night in this neighborhood, you might consider a quick stop by casual eateries such as Eulogy Belgian Tavern or Prime Stache. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual, City Tavern offers 18th century-inspired food and the wait staff looks like they just stepped out from a time machine. With endless options and its status as a buyer’s market right now, Old City is a great option for foodies to consider.



No list of top food neighborhoods in Philadelphia would be complete without Fishtown, which was recognized as one of the 18 best food neighborhoods in the nation. Homes in Fishtown are going to be hard to find due to the number of buyers flocking to this market—and the food may be why.

If you’re in the mood for international cuisine, Stock, a popular Southeast Asian restaurant or Loco Pez, a well-known local Mexican joint, are sure to satisfy your craving. For a truly memorable experience, Pizza Brain, the world’s first pizza museum, is your spot. Follow it up with craft beer at Memphis Taproom or an international brew at Kraftwork. If you’ve still got room left after all that, check out what all the fuss is about over the ice cream at Little Baby’s Ice Cream — their fan base extends far beyond the residents of Philly.



While Fairmount is well-known for being home to half a dozen museums, the food in Fairmount also deserves mention. If you’re a fan of Italian, start with a trip to Alla Spina for Italian gastropub fare or Angelino’s for an oven-baked pizza. If Mexican or Latin cuisine is more your flavor, your options are numerous: Isabel, La Calaca Feliz or BlueCat’s. Each provides their own spin on tacos, empanadas and Isabel even lets you bring your own tequila or other alcohol. Fairmount also has endless variations of American cuisine and each restaurant offers something unique. Jack’s Firehouse is located in a 19th-century firehouse and draws in whiskey fans with their extensive collection while Lemon Hill and London Grill both serve pub fare and cocktails.

The price of homes in Fairmount is higher than in Old City, Fishtown, and many other Philadelphia neighborhoods, but the residents get unrestricted access to over 20 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Check out these neighborhoods during your next housing hunt. Each neighborhood has a different vibe, food offerings, and pricing — you just have to decide which is the right fit for you.

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