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First Friday Interview: Marissa Rivera of Saturday Morning Fever


It’s the first Friday of the month (Happy April!) which means it’s time for our First Friday Interview! Meet Marissa Rivera, one of the new cast members on FUSE’s Saturday Morning Fever, a reality show based on professional dancers like Rivera herself in a re-boot of the Philadelphia-based show, Dancin’ On Air. Her life may have changed a bit since becoming a reality TV star… Check it out!

Philly PR Girl: Tell us about your history with dance! When did you start dancing? What made you want to do it professionally?

Marissa Rivera: I’ve been dancing ever since I was conscious. Dance makes me super happy. It’s an international language that can be expressed by even the simplest of moves. I wouldn’t call myself a “professional” dancer only for the simple fact that I still have a lot to learn. Dancing is something that’s always changing but my love, passion, and overall dedication to dance will never change.

Philly PR Girl: How did the Dancin’ On Air reboot originally come about? How were you involved in the revival?

Marissa Rivera: The first reboot was back in 2012. I was only 16 at the time and begged my parents to put me into an agency. First time meeting my agent (Mary Anne Claro), she told me she just had lunch with Mike Nise, the creator of Dancin’ On Air. She said I would be perfect. I went and auditioned and got a spot on my first ever TV appearance.

Ratings weren’t that great on PHL17, so it went on a break. Reviving yet again on a national network in 2015 with FUSE, there was a twist. Seven members of the Dancin’ On Air cast got picked to star in the reality docu-series called Saturday Morning Fever. Saturday Morning Fever aired on Wednesday on FUSE while Dancin’ On Air aired on the website. From Dancin’ On Air, I met a lot of talented people, some of whom I’m still friends with today. Even meeting my wonderful manager, Patti Claffy.

Philly PR Girl: For those who haven’t watched yet, tell us a little bit about Saturday Morning Fever!

Marissa Rivera: The series tells the story of the long-­running local Philadelphia dance show, Dancin’ On Air. Despite the small stage, the regulars on the show wholeheartedly believe that this is their ticket to stardom. Saturday Morning Fever delivers a true life fly-­on-­the-­wall docu-­series that explores the lives of these unwavering dreamers and their journey to the spotlight.

Philly PR Girl: What’s it like to be on a reality show? Has your daily life changed in any significant way?

Marissa Rivera: It was great to be on a reality show, since I wasn’t going to be anyone else but myself. Why not share some of Marissa’s personality with the world? There was no script for me – what you see is what you get. My life hasn’t changed in any significant way. I’m not a millionaire yet. I was recognized a few times and received some very positive feedback regarding my part on the show, which was very nice and a confident booster.

Philly PR Girl: What has been your favorite experience on the show thus far?

Marissa Rivera: My favorite experience on the show was the overall experience. There’s nothing like being mic’d up and sharing who I am with the world. Being in the entertainment industry has always been a dream of mine and it’s coming true. It has come true. Working with people from LA and New York was so awesome – it’s like these amazing talented people came to Philly to film a reality show that I’m a part of!

Philly PR Girl: What’s next for you and your career?

Marissa Rivera: My career is advancing. This definitely was a learning experience just as life throws one at us everyday. I learned more about who I am and to get myself more out there. I even lost 25 pounds since production. I will never stop pursuing my dreams and I will one day be an everything threat. I dance, act, model, sing, and do makeup. Marissa is just starting to make her mark on the world and one day the world will know who Marissa Rivera is.

If you haven’t watched Marissa perform, what are you waiting for? Watch episode one of Saturday Morning Fever right now on Fuse. Also follow along with the show using the hashtag #SMFonFuse, and stay tuned to find out if they will be picked up for season two!