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The Prince Returns for ‘Pippin’ at the Kimmel Center


The incredible musical story of a young prince who journeys to find the meaning of his existence is now playing in Philadelphia. The Tony Award-winning musical Pippin plays at the Kimmel Center until Sunday, February 28 for its Philadelphia premiere, and we were lucky enough to go to opening night!

Pippin tells the story of a prince who believes in living an extraordinary life, so he never settles down. It so happens that he falls in love with a girl who is, herself, quite ordinary, and ends up settling anyway. The lessons learned and experiences he goes through makes for a dazzling story of exploration.

The actors in this production were absolutely astounding, taking their characters to extreme reality and new heights. It was such a cool experience seeing famous actress Adrienne Barbeau, especially since she spent an entire live song swinging in the air! Also John Rubinstein, the original Pippin from the Broadway show 40 years ago, comes back to the stage as Pippin’s father! Talk about an outstanding cast.

The costumes and set production made the audience feel like they were in a fairy-tale land, not in a theater in a bunch of seats. To say the music was amazing is an understatement. The music done by Stephen Schwartz, who also did the music for Wicked, made a flawless score for this energetic musical. Good luck getting the songs “Love Story” and “Glory” out of your head after seeing this play! The plot moved along so smoothly and was so entertaining that, before we knew it, the show was over. Overall, the performance and production of Pippin made us feel like we were in the show, not just watching it.

If you are a musical lover, seeing Pippin is an actual must. This is the first time the show returns to stage since its original release, so go see it at the Kimmel Center now before you regret not seeing it when you had the chance!

Tickets start at $55 and can be purchased online or in person at the box office. If you plan to attend, don’t forget to follow along @pippinmusical and join the conversation using the hashtag #PippinOnTour!