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First Friday Interview: Pat Gallen of CBS3

PatGallenFor better or worse, there are few things Philadelphians love more than our favorite sports teams. There’s nothing more “Philly” than cheering on our beloved players, whether they’re making us shout triumphantly or hang our heads in frustration. Win or lose, we’re still loyal! But we can’t forget about the anchors, delivering us with every play-by-play and game breakdown, week after week, with unwavering enthusiasm and an obvious, undying love for our local teams.

That brings us to this month’s First Friday interviewee, Pat Gallen! Pat is living his dream as the newest sports anchor on CBS3; and with a seasoned background in sports reporting, there’s no doubting the expertise he’ll bring to his new role!

Philly PR Girl: Are you a Philadelphia native or transplant? Where did you go to school?

Pat Gallen: I was born and raised in Philadelphia! And I’m lucky enough to say I’ve been here my whole life. Getting to work in the media in your hometown is pretty special. I’m also a graduate of West Chester University (Go Rams!).

Philly PR Girl: When and how did you first get your start in the business?

Pat Gallen: Right out of college, I began as a PA for the National Basketball Association entertainment division. I worked in Secaucus, NJ for about a year and then decided I wanted to be on the mic and in front of the camera. I began writing, podcasting, doing anything I could to start my journey. That led to steady radio, which turned into TV. And now I’m with CBS3 in Philadelphia, which is amazing.

Philly PR Girl: Was it always your goal to move from radio to television?

Pat Gallen: 
It was, yes. I’ve been doing some form of TV now for several years, but in my mind I always wanted to be a sports anchor. Since I was about 6 years old, my dream has been to read sports and do highlights on TV, report on big stories. I’m getting to do that now. No complaints!

Philly PR Girl: You’ve been the host / anchor / guest contributor for numerous outlets, including, 97.3 ESPN FM, and Fox. What are some of your favorite memories, games, and events you’ve covered?

Pat Gallen: The most amazing memory was Roy Halladay’s no-hitter in the playoffs back in 2010. Growing up in Philly, I’ve seen my share of good and (mostly) bad sports moments. This beats them all. Normally, the media is supposed to play it down the middle, but I’ll be honest, I was nervous for him. That was an incredible moment.

I was also in the building for Jimmy Rollins game-winning triple in Game 4 of the NLCS against the Dodgers in 2009. After that play, Citizens Bank Park felt like it was being hit by an earthquake. Also, this past year, I got a chance to be on the ice for Eric Lindros and John LeClair’s retirement ceremony with the Philadelphia Flyers. Two idols of mine growing up playing hockey (albeit not well).

Philly PR Girl: Where are your favorite places to catch a Phillies game?

Pat Gallen: Well, Citizens Bank Park for one. The ballpark is aging beautifully, and although the team isn’t playing well, it’s still a fantastic place to be.

Also, I’ll be honest. One of the best place to catch a game is on the radio at the beach during the summer. Listening to the smooth sounds of Scott Franzke and LA, plus a cold one on the hot sand. Can’t beat that.

Philly PR Girl: What does the future hold for Phillies Nation? (You guys just celebrated your 10 year anniversary, after all!)

Pat Gallen: Sadly, I’ve stepped away from Phillies Nation this past month. Due to the new job at CBS3, I’ll no longer be contributing. But let me just say this about Phillies Nation: I had 6 incredible years with the site, watching it grow from blog to TV show. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of. I worked with so many amazing people there, like Corey Seidman, Brian Michael, and so many others, that it was tough to walk away – especially it being something I helped build. I wish everyone there luck.

Philly PR Girl: How would you describe your first week at CBS? What are you most looking forward to with your new role?

Pat Gallen: The first week was a whirlwind – but an absolute blast. Getting to share a desk with Ukee Washington, one of the sports anchors in Philly I grew up watching, was a thrill. And to get to do that several nights a week is incredible. Plus, everyone at CBS3 has been amazing to work with so far. The whole crew has been so generous with their time and very welcoming.

I’m looking forward to growing as a reporter and anchor and covering great games and teams. And working with an excellent group at CBS3. Really, I just want to keep living the dream. I get to cover sports for a living, it’s so cool.

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