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Sons Of Ben: The Movie to Premiere in Philadelphia This June

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Sons of Ben. They are a die-hard Philadelphia soccer fan base who took matters into their own hands and did something crazy: in 2007, ten years after Major League Soccer was started in the U.S., they formed a supporters club for a team that didn’t exist. Naming their group after famous Philadelphian Benjamin Franklin, the organization called themselves the Sons of Ben. They had one goal – to bring professional soccer to Philadelphia – and that’s exactly what they did with the Philadelphia Union team.

Director/Producer Jeffrey C. Bell and Producer Mike Dieffenbach decided to document this exciting time in Philadelphia sports history by making “Sons Of Ben: The Movie.”

We are happy to announce that Philly PR Girl will be working with these talented filmmakers to promote their movie and throw one very special film premiere viewing and party. Details of the Philadelphia premiere will be released next week. For now, get excited by watching the trailer below!
Do you Doop? 

Sons of Ben Trailer #2 from Rothbury Road Productions on Vimeo.

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  1. I use to work with a guy who started Sons of Ben and I am definitely a soccer fan. Just still having a problem rooting for Union because of their play quality.