Philly PR Girls Like Nice Things


We’ve been hearing about this new concert coming up at Union Transfer called GirlsLikeNiceThings.   As always, Philly PR Girl had to get the scoop!   We sat down with our friends Hip Hop artist, Chill Moody, and owner of Tabb Management, Elle Tee, who is producing the GirlsLikeNiceThings concert and carnival!


Philly PR Girl:  What is “girlslikenicethings”?

Elle Tee: girlslikenicethings is a concert with a twist – some carnival fun! 

We chose 4 talented women to grace the stage to help us create the EXPERIENCE we wanted Philadelphians to enjoy…and people are excited! They cannot believe that we got ormer Jay-Z background singer and Roc Nation recording artist  Bridget Kelly, Philly’s own GoGo Morrow, Mylah and Brianna Cash together on one stage.

I love hip hop as much as (maybe more) than the next one, but we wanted to showcase women and women who could sAng! In Philly there aren’t many platforms that do what we are doing. And because we could, we did. We like #nicethings.

Philly PR Girl: I hear there is a carnival.   What should guest expect?

Elle Tee: Yes, there’s a carnival – complete with games, prizes, a caricature artist, and we even have a Philly 360 photo booth!! But that’s not it, we have some #nicethings in the tuck.

Philly PR Girl: How did you pick the artists?

Elle Tee: We chose artists who we like and we like artists who can sAng, and we chose those who would put on a memorable show. Chill and I actually went to college with GoGo (Millersville in the building!!) and the band I manage, Band 4 Higher – who is also Chill’s band – is backing Mylah. So people will get to see women that we like, respect, and have personal and professional relationships with. 

Philly PR Girl: We love Philly’s music venues, especially Union Transfer.  Why did you choose there to hold your show?

Elle Tee: Philly is definitely home to some great music venues, but choosing Union Transfer was a no-brainer. You walk in that place and it makes the karaoke superstar in you want to hop on stage. 

Philly PR Girl: Chill, what can we expect next from you?

Chill Moody: Well of course my answer is gonna be “more nicethings” lol. But right now we are pushing RFM which is now available on iTunes, I’m going to finish the Sharpening My Teeth series next month and me Hank McCoy and Beano “might” be working on another Valentine’s Day project.

Philly PR Girl: Can we expect another girlslikenicethings show in the future?

Chill Moody: Yup!  This is the first if many. We going to make it a “traveling carnival” of sorts, so expect more shows in other cities.


This show/carnival sounds amazing.  Tickets are still available!  See you there because Philly PR Girl’s like nice things!

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